Why Many Doctors DONT Vaccinate Their Own Children…

Why Many Doctors DONT Vaccinate Their Own Children…

Here’s an interesting fact…


If you do the research about inoculation, you’ll begin to see a pattern.


Most Doctors don’t have their own children vaccinated…


But why?


To understand that, we need to fully understand how vaccinations effect the immune system.


To put it simply, vaccinations narrow the immune system to ONLY target specific viruses and pathogens . Because of this dumbing down of the immune system all of the other “unknown” viruses get a chance to mutate and cause more infection.


Think of it this way: A soldier is fighting a war and is told he’s only allowed to shoot soldiers with red hats on. He isn’t allowed to touch anyone else with a different color hat. It’s now easy for the enemy to gain control by simply changing the color of their hat. You can agree that this would not be a very effective way to win a war.


The same analogy goes for your immune system.


You want a response that targets ANY invader and eliminates it quickly. While vaccinations narrow the immune system, boosting it is much more effective. A fully modulated immune system is able to process and eliminate viruses within hours.


How can you modulate your immune system?


There are many natural ways to modulate the immune system, including a change in diet.


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*This written article was taken from an interview with Man Found Standing, a Native American Medicine Man.

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