Here's a Brief Description of How Serendipity was Created...

The following information was given to us by the Native American Medicine Man that donated the oils to us:

Weather conditions are known to change an essential oils scent.  

Some tend to be more potent than others and cannot be sold as a single oil.  For example, heavy rain can change the smell of a new batch. 

However, this does not mean the oil has gone bad. It means, there has been a lot of rain that particular season and needs to be aged over time.

Aged oils including those that are unique or left over from prior batches have been added to this random batch now called Serendipity.

What do we mean by “left over from previous batches?”

The company that donated Serendipity bottles essential oils in an oil drum. After each use the drum is cleaned by using fractionated coconut oil. This pulls and cleans oils from the previous batch. 

Because of this, Serendipity is a very limited edition oil.  Once this batch is gone it will be gone forever. (It is recommended that after you try it for yourself and like it, check out our oils sold by the Gallon)

How is Serendipity used?

Serendipity is typically used as a diffusing oil to clean the air and for relaxation. 

It can also be externally for hair, skin and sore muscles. For best results, use this oil for mediation, clarity, uplifting and grounding moods. 

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