Quality Control

Our oils were donated by a Native American Medicine Man who has been in the essential oil business for over 25 years.  His has made it his mission to educate the masses about natural healing modalities and how to recognize high quality products.

Below you will find some of his research:

True Quality and the Industry

With so many options available for your families natural health, it can be a task to know what is really going on with the Essential Oil and Herbal Supplement suppliers.  We desire people to know the truth so they can make equitable purchasing choices.  There is a reason why there are so many different choices and prices for supposedly the same essential oil.  There can be a vast difference in value.  We are saddened to see that family providers are spending their hard earned money on oils that are not worth what they are paying.  We encourage each person to discover for themselves and therefore provide you information that can assist you in knowing the key indicators that show if oils are unadulterated and truly wild or beyond organic.

I Am is Dedicated to Natural
At I Am Essential Oils, living naturally and in harmony with nature is not only our passion, it is our way of life.  The earth is abundant and nature is our birthright.  The health and well-being of our community is directly correlated to our mutualistic relation with nature.  Nature provides clues to easy living, such as how bees pollinate more efficiently than humans.  At I Am Essential Oils we guide our day to day living, work, and business relations for the health of the planet.

I Am is Dedicated to Fertile Soil & Healthier Living
For the most part, nature cultivates and sustains better than man-made systems.  For example, the forest is a harmonious system which stores water as if a lake and sustains life naturally.  As forests are cut down, the water that would have naturally been retained, now runs off or is evaporated.  This departure of water creates arid conditions and leads to the loss of its vegetation and animal life.  We can learn from nature and apply what we experience to create better long term health for the soil, and a healthier happier way of living for all living things. I Am finds that the small farms are more invested long term in soil quality.

I Am is Dedicated to True Quality
I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing true therapeutic oils and herbal supplements. Truly therapeutic means our products are sourced for reliable traditional/organic farms, unaltered, and pure; therefore, they are at the strength to truly assist your family’s health. We specialize in working with farms that grow herbs in a truly natural, harmonious, organic manner that not only provides the highest healing value and sustainability, but also provides farmers the ability to feed their families.

These links bellow will assist you in learning more about the natural health industry and making wise purchasing decisions.

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Organic & Certification Scam Transparency

Modern farming practices clear large acres of forest and include all types of toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified plants, and so forth. These harmful conditions are found in our environment and in our health care products too. Most people believe that purchasing organic means avoiding harmful toxins, sadly this is not the case.

The organic programs allow approved toxic chemicals  to be used on farms and liberties are allowed for other chemicals to be added to essential oils and herbal supplements.

In the United States companies can legally label their products as 100% Pure and Organic when they contain up to 97% fillers and chemicals. Consumers think they are getting a better value when in fact quite the opposite is true.

The large health food chain supplied organic essential oil brands are not exempt.  Our product research and development testing of their oils show that they contain as much as 75% propylene glycol as well as other toxic fragrances. This means they simply cost more, for less product, because of dilution.

The USDA organic certification of a product is not without its loop holes.  With very little funding, it is quite legal and simple for a company to have USDA Certifications and USDA Organic labeling on toxic and potentially harmful products.  All that needs to happen is a for a shell corporation to purchase the products direct from a supplier.  That shell company can then invoice a non certified or toxic product as “organic” to their parent company.  That parent company can then take those invoices to a USDA Certification company and pay the certification fee.  They are then legally able to label their products as Organic.

Anyone wanting to be a part of Natural Healing, should look into the farming and organic certification practices of the country where the plants are farmed.  There are a great many gaming for profit at the consumers expense.  A person can certainly notice where the farms are located.  If you notice a certified organic farm  located right near a poor air quality atainment metropolis, remember that all the ambient pollution in the air and local water sources is entering into those plants naturally.

It may be difficult to know where the exact farms are located due to purchasing agreements being only between suppliers and wholesalers, however, the internet is making this issue more transparent via news articles and social media. A simple search on the use of bio-solids/sewage sludge on farm land as fertilizer can prove to be very enlightening.  Such fertilization method contains numerous pollutants, hormones, and cancer causing toxins but still fall under the USDA organic certification.  With a little bit of research, a consumer can find this information.

Quote: “I have been involved in many upper level meetings for quite a few different essential oils companies. The company employees/representatives would talk about how their highest quality therapeutic essential oils were the best even though they knew, and I knew, that they were regularly selling low quality and adulterated oils. The plants grown on their farms were also conventionally grown and distilled for oil volume rather than therapeutic oil quality.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quality produced from traditional, non-toxic farming practices far exceeds the government issued paper organic program.  It is always wise to purchase herbal supplements or essential oils, from a supplier that is concerned about true quality and how the plants are grown.  We have found over the years that small farmers have a tendency to take better care for the soil and plants and we feel it is because they are more dependent upon the earth to provide a living.

Testing claims and Quality Certifications are also another problem instigated by the  essential oil companies.  The last decade has brought about many changes with “experts” pushing to bring in accountability and quality standards.  Now this sounds like a very good thing, but in reality they are just adding another layer of information to sort through and still ultimately selling low quality, potentially harmful products for top dollar.

Example:  Most all USA peppermint is distilled quickly to maximize the oil volume and profits for the company. They further increase their profit margins by mixing the USA peppermint with lower cost peppermint from Asia until a  proper chemistry is reached according to their certification standards.

By  having their adulterated poor quality oil certified, the seller then creates a  greater profit margin by charging a higher price for their “100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils”.

The experts are well versed in adding synthetic or natural additives to their essential oils from years of experience adding synthetics to perfume grade oils.  It is quite easy to discover some unnatural adulterants like propylene-glycol, however it is next to impossible to find other natural plant based adulterations.   The industry has advanced to using already natural-occurring chemicals and are mixing those into their essential oils.  Some essential oil companies fully justify and think it is an approved practice to compound two or more essential oils from different, distillations, farms, or even countries.

Example: By taking two lavender oils that would not pass the experts certification protocols, they can produce a mixed oil that meets all certifications.  Some companies have taken a poor quality Asian lavender and combined it with an extremely, abnormally high quality lavender from Bulgaria.  The results of the mixture can then conform to all their Therapeutic Essential Oil certifications and so they sell it for top dollar.

Quote: “Many years ago I wanted to find out more about how the large distilling companies worked. I contacted one company that distilled many thousands of tons of organic essential oils each year. They explained to me their farming practices and distilling operations.

I quickly found their organic essential oils were being produced by the government regulations and they used “approved” toxic chemicals on their herbs. They even made great claims about the large chemistry lab that was attached to the facility and how it did all testing on their oils to ensure quality.

I told them we were only looking for the highest quality most medicinal oils, and they had to be absolutely pure and free from toxins and additions. The company’s response to this was, ‘Our lab is wonderful. Send us the specifications you would like in the oils and we will make them for you. They will pass any certifications as pure.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Too many of the  independent essential oils laboratories are too close to their suppliers. Some test labs are getting paid for their testing and profit share. Because of this, we have seen independent testers endorsing specific essential oils companies even when they know their oils are altered.

 Quote: “I was given an opportunity to provide a price quote to a company    that wanted forty-four pounds of high quality rose oil.  Due to the high cost  of rose, I actually provided two quotes with all the testing, organic certificates, and samples.  One quote was for my highest quality Therapeutic Rose Oil that came  that came from a private distiller and the other was for what I called standard Therapeutic Rose Oil from the government-run distiller.  A couple of weeks later I did a follow-up visit and found out that the company purchased their rose oil from one of the “experts”.  When I inquired as to why I did not get the sale, I was told that the expert gave them a better price on the “world’s best quality rose oil”.  This quite surprised me, because I know what the “world’s best quality rose oil” actually costs and I did not think that anyone could undercut my pricing.  I asked to smell their newly purchased oil, and when I took a whiff of the expert’s oil, I could easily tell the “expert” did not supply them with the best quality, but with the standard Therapeutic Rose Oil.

I then had the person I was working with smell the oil they just purchased and then smell the two samples I provided.  They quickly determined that indeed, the oil the expert supplied smelled like the standard quality oil I had quoted for them.  It was after they compared the chemical analysis that all their suspicions were absolutely confirmed.  Sadly, because this company went with the “expert’s” assurances about his quality being the world’s best, they lost over $10,000.00 by purchasing the hyped up oil.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man.

Quote: “When working with a new company that wanted to “take over the Therapeutic Essential Oils industry”, I provided two lavender samples along with the proper GC/MS testing and certificates.  One lavender sample was from a private certified organic farm in Bulgaria and the other was from a small private farm in France that grew the lavender organically but did not have a certificate on the farm. Both lavenders were Therapeutic Essential Oils but the certified organic lavender was slightly higher in quality and cost about twenty percent more.

Because of the cost, the company went with saving some money and just purchased one hundred and ten pounds of the less expensive oil.  When viewing their website a month later, I found the company was bragging about how they had purchased the absolute best lavender in the world and provided the edited (contact information blacked out) certificates and testing for their customers to view.  This company, which claimed to be honest and consciousness about the quality of their products for their customers, was using the information from the Bulgarian Lavender that I gave them to assist them in selling the less expensive lower quality French Lavender to their customers.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “A decade ago, I worked with a gentleman who produced the finest Jasmine oil in the world. Because of his limited supply, he stopped selling to new customers.  One particular year, his harvest was reduced considerably so he told all his current customers that he would only allow one kilogram of oil to be sold per customer.

A couple of months later, I was reviewing our competition’s marketing information and was quite shocked to see them bragging about the one hundred kilograms of the world’s finest Jasmine oil they had purchased.  When we contacted them, they sent us the biochemical testing that showed the oil to be exactly the same as what I had just purchased.

Understandably, I was quite upset with our supplier because I thought he was allowing our competition to gain an advantage by purchasing more oil.  The supplier was contacted and told how upset I was for just being allowed to purchase one kilogram of oil when he sold one hundred kilograms of oil to our competition.  The supplier just laughed and said, “No, I only sold them one kilo.  What they do with their oil when they get it is their business.”

After reviewing their Jasmine, it was discovered that they indeed took one kilogram of pure Jasmine oil and turned it into one hundred kilograms of something else.  Again, just like numerous other experts and companies that have all the right testing, certifications, and claims to purity, they failed the quality and adulteration test.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

I Am Essential Oils is resolve to deal only with the farms that build trust.  As people use our oils and supplements we are confidence that they will see our quality and therapeutic properties far outshine our competitors.  It is always good to perform your own biochemical testing on the essential oils to make sure there are no toxic chemicals or adulterants, however the customer should be aware of the marketing claims and outright scams that are truly going on in the unregulated testing of this industry.

 Experts and Adulteration Transparency

 The essential oil and natural supplement industries are  both multi-billion dollar a year industries.  Sadly the  majority of products produced for these industries  are low quality and thinned for profit.  However, transparency exists and can be read in market (export) and retail sales reports. So many essential oil    companies say their lavender oils come from France.  How is it possible for France to export more 100% pure  French lavender oil each year than they actually grow?  One French lavender expert is quoted as saying, “I   believe 99% of the lavender sold in America has been   adulterated.”

Thinning  products without anyone even being able to detect it, is where the experts really capitalize on making greater profits.  When a supplier starts hiring chemists, it starts to look out of place for a company that is claiming absolute purity.  Another world expert said, “If we did not extend the oils, the costs would be too prohibitive.”

Unfortunately too many essential oil experts are regularly adding natural, synthetic, and harmful adulterants to what they call therapeutic essential oils and the company is still marketing them as pure.  Their intention is to increase their profit margin and fill inventory rather than to supply product value to the consumer.  The family healer is advised to use oils and other products that are free from additives.  Below are quotes from lead purchasers on how they were able to steer clear of those adulterating within the industry.

Quote: “I discovered a large distiller selling oils that were marketed as 100% Pure and Natural but were really adulterated.  In their email correspondence to me they said, ‘. . . This process is very unique and is not used by other suppliers, they (the other suppliers) just prepare a . . . synthetic fragrance mixture and put 2% to 10% of pure oil based on the target price they want to offer.  So our natural identical oils are 100% pure and natural but not 100% extracted from same species.’

Simply put this large distiller said that instead of mixing 90 to 98 percent synthetic chemical fragrance in with their essential oils, they do it better by mixing in natural chemicals and selling them as 100% pure and natural.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “I was contacted by a person from one of the large essential oil distilling companies.  They were inquiring if I had an interest in purchasing oils from them.  The sales expert answered my questions about their distilling facility and then I asked him about supplying me with pure lavender essential oil.  (When checking out a company I normally always start out with their lavender oil.)  He told me that they could supply pure lavender oil.

I asked him for the botanical name of the lavender and pricing.  He stated that their best lavender for the price was on 100% Pure Lavandula angustifolia 40/42.  He then stated his price, which was 1/5 the cost of oil I get directly from the farms I work with.

Even though 40/42 is an adulterated Lavender, I was quite shocked that he was still claiming his oil was 100% pure. Trying to obtain more information from him I said, ‘Wow, that’s quite a good price. How can you sell it for that?’

He then explained that they use only 5% natural   oil and the rest is synthetic to make the required chemical structure for having the high quality pure therapeutic lavender oil.  He further explained that the oil would test as 100% pure and pass any certifications we required.

Because the laws legally allowed him to call an oil 100% pure and since the oil would also pass any testing as pure, their company was selling the adulterated oil under the name of 100% Pure Lavandula angustifolia 40/42.

Lavender sold on the market as 40/42 is referring to the Linalool and Linalyl acetate percentages in the lavender.  There is a lot of claim about Lavender 40/42 not being adulterated lavender.  Erroneously they are suggesting that it is a blend of different lavender crops.  In all cases I have found this to be false and simply marketing claims.  There are many experts laboratories that create the Lavender 40/42. The Lavender that is commercially sold as Lavender 40/42 is around 3% pure lavender and the rest synthetic.  The reason they put in at least 3% pure lavender is because legally they can market the lavender as 100% pure and natural  at that percentage, and that is what they do!

If an essential oil company is selling a Lavender 40/42, it is a key indicator that they are not above supplying adulterated products across the board.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In 1998, when I first started looking at purchasing large amounts of Therapeutic Essential Oils for my family and friends, I wanted to make sure I was receiving the finest, most natural quality available.  I contacted the “Leading Expert” for large bulk quantities of Therapeutic Essential Oils here in the United States and was given the assurances that I would only be supplied with the purest and highest quality available.  Upon receiving his assurances, I purchased a large amount of Wild Eucalyptus globulus.

When the oil arrived I smelled it, and from my knowledge of the industry, I was happy to discover that the eucalyptus smelled exactly like the high quality oil I had been used to using for nearly a decade.  (I had been purchasing from another “World’s Leading Expert”.)  Regardless of the fact that the oil smelled and acted the same, I pulled a sample and sent it to Europe for analysis by one of the leading biochemists for the essential oil industry.  The testing came back stating there were no chemical additives or pesticides detected, but the oil had been heated up too high during or after the distillation to “burn off” some of the more undesirable smells.

My surprise about the adulteration of burning off undesirable chemicals was compounded when the supplying expert was consulted to discuss the shocking test results.  The expert responded along the lines of, “Everyone does it. The oil is pure, but that is what we do to make it smell better.

Frustrated about this alteration, I was determined to educate myself about the Therapeutic Essential Oils industry.  Over the next year, I scrutinized the ‘world leading experts’ finest quality oils in pursuit of transparency.  I concluded that, indeed, it was the habit of the leading experts to alter, adulterate, compound, and otherwise generally do things that I, or people looking for absolute purity, would not want done with their oils.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In 1997, I worked for a company that claimed to be the largest therapeutic essential oils supplier in the world.  This company sold many millions of dollars of essential oils every month.  They love to use the marketing claim stating they grow the highest quality, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and supply them to their customers.  When people confronted their company about the organic certificates for their farms, they stated it was their practice to not provide organic certificates or soil testing results to their customers.

Interestingly enough, I discovered they could not provide the certificates, because in spite of their claims, they were not an organic farm.  I even found out during the next year that their farm had over 100 truckloads of potentially harmful bio-solids (sewage sludge) spread over it.

When a friend did extensive testing of all their Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, she discovered they often sold poor quality and adulterated single oils, and in a majority of cases they had added “smell enhancers” (synthetic fragrances or natural aroma chemicals) to their essential oil blends to make them more desirable.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “A few years ago, we reviewed a new large company that claimed to sell only Therapeutic Essential Oils.  This company claimed to have the highest, purest quality oils and the strictest moral ethics from their employees.  After a few tests, we discovered that they were mostly selling advertised pure oils, but in almost all cases, it was the lower quality food grade or fragrance grade quality.  When we confronted them with the evidence of our discovery, they refused to answer any more of our emails.  To us, that did not seem to resonate well about their claim of strict moral ethics.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

A very simple way to verify that a supplier sells unadulterated oils is if their peppermint oil has a sharp, crisp, candy cane like fragrance.  If so, that oil is most likely low quality food grade peppermint or its been highly adulterated for smell.  I Am Essential Oils finds the highest therapeutic peppermint distilled at the small farms under the more costly and time consuming method of no added pressure.  High quality peppermint oil with unsurpassed therapeutic properties should have very noticeable herby undertones when inhaled.

Quality Transparency

The alternative health industry is rampant with claims, misinformation, inferior products, and adulteration.  Because of this it can be a arduous task to locate a reliable supplier.  I Am Essential Oils’ dedication to quality and purity is paramount.  Our plants are grown in the wild or by traditional organic sustainable means.  The herbs and essential oils are extracted properly and remain in their natural state for the highest medicinal value.  In the essential oil industry, it is not common to know the difference between standard oils and true therapeutic oils so we share these key indicators to assist you to see past the distractions of a simple claim.

More than Chemistry

Since the 17th century a drive to see and replicate the chemistry behind nature has lead to a more scientific approach to health.  Nonetheless, the decreasing efficacy of synthetic remedies, their undesirable side effects and unregulated contradictions has turned humanity to re-include nature. Learning from nature is vital but to regulate away from it is not.

Example: A herb grown with toxic fertilizers, pesticides, unhappy workers, and on contaminated soil may still produce an essential oil that passes chemical tests.  But knowing all the growing factors, would you still consider this oil to be of good quality?

Now imagine an essential oil that produces a chemistry outside its normal recognized high quality standard.  This herb was grown by a family during a drought that loves and takes care of their soil and uses traditional sustainable farming practices.  Would you consider this oil to be of poor quality?  Natural Healers know there is a lot more to quality than just chemistry.

Over the centuries many have seen the powerful healing attributes that herbs and essential oils have.  I Am Essential Oils calls this healing energy within plant life, “Creator Life Energy” and it is associated with every herb and essential oil.  It is becoming more and more apparent today as well.  This energy goes beyond the scientific electromagnetic, rotational, or quantum energy that scientists are familiar with.  The Creator’s life Energy is a healing property that is completely different and currently only discerned on a spiritual level.  (1 Corinthians 2:14 — “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”)

Everything in the Universe has its own unique Creator’s Life Energy healing signature. The way an herb is grown, the people involved in the process, and how it is processed can have a profound effect on the plant.

An article called “The Sacred Heart of Aromatherapy” by Karyn Grant, LMT can assist in illustrating the healing energy profound effects. She writes:

Many years ago, when I was a young mother, I was out walking my two-year-old son. My neighbor, Cleon Skousen, was standing on his porch and called me by name, saying, “Karyn, I’ve been expecting you! Come and visit with me for awhile!”

I proceeded down the pathway to his house with my son, Michael.  Cleon invited us in and offered me a soft cushioned rocking chair.  I rocked Michael as this man spoke these unforgettable words to me: “I do not know why I am telling you this, but it is something you will need to know later in your life….there is not one single one of God’s creations that He has not touched with His own divine intelligence.  Every flower, every herb, every rock, every plant, every bit of chemistry has been imbued by God’s own brilliance.  Every one of them has the power to enhance life.  Every gas, every molecule, every atom that has any life force in it, is an extension of God himself. Thus, they all have His healing gifts.”

I don’t remember anything else he said to me that day, but I have never forgotten those words.  Because of his testimony, I have never been able to separate the love of God from the creation.  I have never been able to separate the gift from the Giver.  I believe that God himself puts divine symbolism into every aspect of life by imparting a portion of His intelligence within the very essences of plants.  His brilliance is made manifest in His creativity; the plants are no exception.  They, like human beings, came to fulfill the full measure of their creation; which is to bring glory to their Creator through the gift of beautifying the earth and the gift of healing.

The intelligence within each plant is replete with the atoms of God’s infinite love.  He has placed within each fruit, herb and flower bearing seed, the essences of His divine intuition, creativity and intelligence.  He has touched the soul of each plant with a pure essence of life and health; so that we, as human beings, may increase in physical health, vitality, and spirituality as we inhale their aromas and partake of them.

Scientists that understand quantum physicist know there is a lot more going on in the Universe than just what appears to be happening.  Their recent findings over the last century, is now beginning to validate what natural healers have know for many millennia.  A new field of “Energy Medicine” is quickly materializing to assist people with greater health.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s was involved in research on how “negative” and “positive” words affect water crystals.  Words associated with the positive produced light beautiful crystals whereas negative words produced the opposite result.  Sadly the energy of medicinal plants can also be altered or manipulated.  Artificial frequencies can be placed upon labels, bottles and the product itself.  Some companies make it a policy to impregnate an artificial frequency upon their products.  Understanding that products can be energetically manipulated is important to understand true quality.  Any healer should clear any unnatural energy frequencies from their product they purchase before use.

Many Therapeutic Essential Oils, which are considered inferior in their chemical constituents, far outshine in their healing abilities of others that are chemical test shown as superior.  Numerous Natural Practitioners have witnessed this occurrence.

Quote: “Plants and oils that are treated with love are charged with a greater Creator’s Life Energy.  I have found their overall healing properties are greatly enhanced.  When two Therapeutic Essential Oils are distilled the same way, grown in the same region, and have almost the same chemical makeup, I have found the plants grown on the small family farm perform better.  They have the higher vibration of the Creator’s Life Energy over the plants grown on large industrialized farm.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “Early on in my walk with essential oils, I worked for a company that would routinely ‘energize’ their oils through a machine they had in their lab.  When I asked about this, they said they were just enhancing the already wonderful healing properties of the essential oils.  Sadly, I soon discovered this was not the case.  They were using inferior essential oils, and then infusing energies into the oils so they would test higher in therapeutic value by the Energy Healers.  I considered this artificial spiritual energy adulteration.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “There are many ways to clear the products and it’s not about a specific method but rather about finding a way that resonates with you and your belief systems.  A simple method that works for just about everyone is to move into a calm space while holding the product in your hands.  Once you are in that calming mindset, envision pure white light descending on you and the product and resonating out from you.  Sit with that picture and feeling for a few moments.  This should clear any unwanted energetic residue.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “The healing abilities of an herb or essential oil goes beyond their chemical makeup.  Plant energies are more like a symphony playing rather than just a solo instrument.  To specifically categorize an essential oil under a specific frequency is not the best way to understand them.  They more accurately resonate up and down over a specific range.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Smell and Quality

Oils grown under different conditions will produce differences in their chemistry, energy, and smells. When a natural healer becomes acquainted with different harvest of the same plant, they will soon realize that the healing therapeutic quality is not associated with smell.  As previously discussed, sharp, crisp, candy cane smelling peppermint is not as therapeutic as the peppermint with its herby undertones.

The therapeutic essential oils market is relatively a small percentage of the overall essential oil industry.  Most all distillers extract the essential oils for the food, aromatherapy and perfume industry rather than for their therapeutic use.  Extracting an oil to maximize its healing properties requires more understanding, energy, and care than for those other industries.

Quote: “When I teach a seminar, I want to educate people to understand that quality and smell are two different things.  For example, I will pass around two bottles; one marked ‘A’ and one marked ‘B’.  I have pure rose oil in one bottle and a 3% Rose with a carrier oil blend in the other.  I then have people vote on which oil they think smells the nicest.  About eighty to ninety percent of the people in the class choose the one blended with 97% carrier oil as the fragrance they like the best.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Essential oils will also change as they age.  An oil that is freshly distilled will sometimes take a half a year or longer to settle into a nice fragrance.  Keep in mind that as a basic rule, the oils that are freshly distilled will not smell as nice as oils that have been aged a little even though they generally have the same therapeutic value.

Many customers choose an oil by the smell rather than its therapeutic value.  This leads the experts to enhance their oil smells through adulteration with sweet smelling synthetic chemicals.  For example, many customers do not like the harsher smell of a Wild Lavender, even though in many cases it is a better oil for healing purposes.

Quote: “When I was working for what some call the world leader of therapeutic grade essential oils, I was saddened to discover that they would routinely add synthetic aromas to their essential oil blends to make them smell nicer. This company would still proclaim and advertise that they did not dilute, cut, nor adulterate their therapeutic oils.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing the highest quality therapeutic oils.  By working with the small farms and having the oils distilled for their therapeutic value, we preserve the natural chemistry and the Creator’s Life Energy in every bottle including its natural smell.

The Industrialization of Essential Oils

Problem: Essential Oil Industrialization
History repeats itself.  In other words, it shows us what lies ahead.  To assist in understanding what is happening in the Essential Oils and Herbal Supplement industries, we will use the fast food industry as an example.  What often starts as a good idea can go viral and end up hurting a lot of people in the long run.  I Am Essential Oils is committed to learn from other industries, to look at the past to learn from it and to create a better result and circumvent future problems in our own industry.   Many years ago the fast food  industry started as a great way to get good  clean food to the community very quickly.  It  has since moved into adulteration in    farming  and nutrition.  Unsuspecting      consumers are  now paying a much higher    long term price  than they can even imagine  only to get this  quick non-food.  The fast    food industry has  even contributed        to major environmental problems due to  food  growing practices that do not sustain    the land and animal farming  practices and that increase disease.  Fast foods though highly regulated, are now highly adulterated and use high fructose corn syrup and toxic preserving chemicals that have devastating long term health effects on consumers.

The therapeutic essential oil industry is in its infancy compared to the fast food industry’s globalization.  However, there are many similarities in how both are handling their growing pains.  Plants have been used for centuries for improved health.  The recent development of therapeutic essential oil mass bottling and marketing manufacturers however, has resulted in the world’s natural plant environment getting over tapped on a few plant species and some of the same trends as have faced the fast food world.

Essential oils are being aggressively marketed to the point that ethics are being disregarded in order to meet quotas and consistency.  A couple of essential oil plants are already on the endangered species list in a few countries.  Species of Frankincense, Rosewood, and Sandalwood are on the IUCN list of threatened species.   Consumer demand continues to grow beyond 8% per year globally.  This drive to financially capitalize on the growing demand has led to the majority of essential oils produced and sold to be of low quality and/or adulterated.  Toxic farming practices are being introduced and is hurting the environment.  Toxic chemicals are being added to the essential oils which cause even more health problems down the road.

Essential oil and herbal supplement retailers are buying and funding farm infrastructure all over the world to increase plant acreage and distillation yield.  Growing more plants to meet the demand is good, however most all their farms fail to create sustainable and ethical farming practices.  This lack of sustainable farming and care for the environment is already being discussed in some areas of the Scientific community as an upcoming major worldwide disaster.

So what are trends showing us?  Just like the fast food market, unsuspecting users continue to spend their hard earned money with retailers that are creating environmental and health hazards at the expense to the planet and its inhabitants.  Retailers continue to make their products more and more synthetic in order to meet demand.  It is only by educating the masses and having them making more healthy choices with their purchases can health problems and worldwide disaster be prevented.  I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to only providing true therapeutic oils and herbal supplements and work in harmony with nature as well as providing transparent information on how to find true quality and value.  The long term well-being of our customers and our planet is our way of doing business.

GC-MS & Testing Transparency

Most companies will propagate the marketing hype of their GC/MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) or other testing but many adulterated oils pass their tests as pure. Even though having proper testing is important, Aromatherapists and Natural Healers should be versed in the testing limitations.  Yes testing assists in determining the chemical makeup of an essential oil but this should not be confused as a sign of quality.

First off, in order to accurately test essential oils the proper GC-MS machine setup is required.  The way the machine is configured will have significant effects on the results. Also you have to understand that the results will vary and only show the results as to what it can test.  If you have a batch of oil tested five different times at five different labs and you will get five different results.

The GC-MS machine system is great for testing for any volatile chemicals not normally found in essential oils, like propylene glycol.  It is also wonderful for testing the volatile chemical makeup of an essential oil.  But for their its ability to determine adulteration and therapeutic quality is limited.  Essential oils can be adulterated in many ways without successful detection by the standard GC-MS testing experts.

Example: GC-MS analysis cannot tell whether that compound is synthetic or natural, only that it is present.

Quote: “. . . I told them we were only looking for the highest quality most medicinal oils, and they had to be absolutely pure and free from toxins. The company’s response to this was, ‘Our lab is wonderful. Send us the specifications you would like in the oils and we will make them for you. They will pass any certifications as pure.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Often the experts will try to establish reference standards for the therapeutic essential oils.  These standards adding to the illusion of purity and high quality when they go to sell their adulterated oils.  If you are looking for the most healing properties, you deserve to look beyond the reference standards and testing hype.  An essential oil may be outside the reference standard because of weather or soil conditions and being outside the standard will in fact increase its therapeutic benefits for specific healing conditions.

Example: Because of soil conditions, Oregano in a specific region of Turkey regularly tests with over ninety percent Carvacrol.  This oil would excel at addressing bacterial infections and lung issues but would perform poorly as a potential pain reliever.

The expert reference standards and GC-MS tests will not show the numerous toxins found on the farm, unethical harvesting, careful adulteration, and so forth.  The essential oil experts capitalize on testing flaws to market adulterated essential oils for more money.  I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing truly therapeutic essential oils that go well beyond the chemistry of the oil.

But My Oils Work!

I Am Essential Oils hears the statement, “But my oils work!” from many people that may or may not want to believe the rampant extent of the adulteration in the natural health industry.  Even when a supplier is shown to supply adulterated oils like Lavender 40/42 or when peppermint fails to have the herby undertones of a true therapeutic essential oil it can be confusing.  To assist people in understanding true quality, one needs to know under what conditions even low quality and adulterated essential oils can work for many healing conditions.

Having an essential oil that works does not make it a high quality oil nor a great price. Often we will hear people’s amazement that in using our oils, they now use a lot less and have faster results and they now simply maintain health with our oils. Oils even in extremely diluted amounts can also have profound healing benefits. However, they cost a lot more for so much less actual therapeutic product. Some natural practitioners have had the following experiences with the truly therapeutic essential oils.

Quote: “When traveling to the Philippines to assist in humanitarian projects, I made sure to take my Therapeutic Essential Oils with me in what I call my travel kit.  There were many opportunities for me to use the essential oils as I traveled.  Due to the limited supply of my travel kit, I would simply blend my oils to one percent pure oil and ninety-nine percent carrier oil if I ended up using more than anticipated.  Even at this extreme dilution, i could at least maintain for my own health after assisting others along the way.

One amazing experience happened while I was walking through a village and noticed an elderly woman crying.  I went over to her and asked what was wrong.  She informed me that her pig was dying.  Since her only income was through breeding the pig and selling the piglets, you can imagine how worried she was about losing her ability to provide for herself.

I went over and looked at her pig and it was just lying on the ground motionless.  I searched my pockets but the only oil I had on me at that time was some highly diluted Tummy Soothe blend that I personally use for motion sickness.  I took out the bottle and liberally applied the oil to the stomach of the pig.

When I passed through the village a couple of days later, I asked the woman how her pig was.  She informed me that not long after I applied the oil on the pig that it got up and passed a large amount of intestinal parasites and was now just fine.  Numerous other experiences like this have shown me that even in extremely diluted amounts, the truly Therapeutic Essential Oils have powerful healing effects.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “One person told me of their first experience with true Therapeutic Essential Oils.  Even though she had been using oils with great results for many years from a company that supposedly supplied only the best oils in the world, she decided to try my oils.  She purchased Oregano oil, an oil with which she was quite familiar with, and followed her normal protocol.  She quickly discovered that she could use less than half the regular amount of oil and still receive all the therapeutic benefits she was looking for.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In the early 2000’s, I was teaching an essential oils class and explaining to the group about adulteration and quality.  After the class, a group of about eight ladies came up and wanted to test my quality claims with about true Therapeutic Oils and what the industry sells.  I said that would be fine and asked them if anyone had any oil from another company.  One woman reached into her pocket and pulled out an oil from a company I was quite familiar with.  This company made a lot of claims about quality, purity, and being the absolute best source in the world.

The oil this woman had was labeled Dill essential oil.  She passed around her Dill oil and everyone enjoyed a smell of the fragrance and also put one drop of the essential oil on their tongue.  The aroma had a nice, pleasant refreshing dill-pickle smell and the taste was herby with some mild tongue-numbing effects.

After everyone experienced her oil, I then reached into my case and pulled out my sample of Dill Seed oil.  I had them pass the oil around the group to smell.  There were many audible complaints about the smell as it went around the group.  My Dill Seed had an herby fragrance that was not the pleasant, refreshing smell like the other brand.

Undaunted by their complaints, I then had each of the ladies place one drop of the Dill Seed oil on their tongue.  The response as the oils went around the group was, “Oh, wow.”  When the oil dropped on the tongue, immediately there was an explosion of activity and the tongue became completely numb.  Everyone could easily tell the quality difference was a hundred fold.

I then explained that the first oil was regular, standard food-grade dill oil extracted from the whole plant and the therapeutic properties are considered very low.  My oil was extracted just from the seeds from the dill plant.  The therapeutic properties from the seeds far exceed those from the plant.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In the Philippines, I sat in a small nipa hut (very small home made out of bamboo and palm branches) visiting a friend.  Next door I could hear a woman crying.  I finally asked if she was alright and was told she was fine and was just having a baby.  I immediately asked if it would be okay if I went over to see her.

I always try to carry a couple of essential oils diluted in large amounts of olive oil in my pocket just in case I needed them during the day.  This day I had lavender, which is a wonderful universal oil.  I applied a few drops to the pregnant woman’s feet and explained to the woman to apply some oil to the stomach while I went out to get another essential oil that would assist even better.

At my house I made a five percent mixture of Clary Sage in a base of olive oil and took it back to the hut.  When we got there I was glad to see the midwife had arrived.  I gave the oil to her explaining how to apply it to the stomach, legs, feet, and across the shoulders and then I left.

A week later I was back in the area and I was able to talk to the midwife.  She told me that after she had applied the Clary Sage blend the delivery was one of the easiest she had ever seen.  She asked me if she could keep the rest of the oil for her since she was pregnant too.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing true Therapeutic Essential Oils and herbal supplements to our customers.  Natural medicine, even in extremely low amounts, can have powerful beneficial effects on the body due to the Creators Life Energy.  When used in their therapeutic state the results can be miraculous.



With the industry flooded with adulterated and low quality oils, finding a reliable supplier can be hard.  However, it is possible for anyone to recognize the suppliers that are not high quality.  Below are things to ask yourself and the things to look for when visiting an essential oils company’s website.

Are adulterated or synthetic oils being sold?

  • First just go to their Lavender and see if they are selling Lavender 40/42.  If you see that, you can stop right there and exit their site.  Lavender 40/42 is composed of almost entirely synthetic fragrance.
  • Another oil to look at is Birch oil.  Since the closure of the main pure Birch supplier in the USA, now almost every single drop of Birch oil is synthetic.  If the company is selling Birch oil, they are probably supplying other essential oils that are also poor quality, adulterated, and even synthetic.
  • Look on their website for the terms commercial grade, perfumes, perfumery supplies, fragrance, flavors, scents, natural isolates, or aroma chemicals.  This is all standard language for selling adulterated or synthetic oils.  Most companies hide the fact they sell adulterated, low quality, or potentially harmful essential oils and toxic filled herbal supplements.  If a website is selling things like camphor or menthol, you can know they are not selling pure essential oils.
  • Many companies will add smell enhancers to their essential oils and blends to keep the fragrance nice and consistent.  Because of weather conditions, oils from different batches will have slightly different fragrance tones.  The more you are used to smelling pure quality oils, the more your nose will become more sensitive to identify these slight differences.
  • Be extremely cautious about purchasing from a company that is selling candle or soap-making products.  Most all will be providing synthetic and adulterated oils.
  • Even if a supplier claims to isolate specific chemicals from natural oils, in most all cases that is not true.  You can easily see if what they are saying is in alignment when noticing their price.  The cost of an isolated chemical from a natural essential oil will cause the price of that chemical to be greater than the original essential oil price.  This is simply because more work is required to extract a single isolated chemical.

Example: The chemical Menthol can be made synthetically or is commonly extracted from high temperature distillation of Cornmint or Peppermint.  If you find a company selling Menthol for less than the cost of the raw oil, you can be assured they are really selling the synthetic.

False marketing claims are rampant on the internet.  We see 100% pure and Therapeutic Essential oils being sold everywhere when in fact it is sadly not true.  If you see any indication of synthetic or adulterated essential oils, we would ask you to support another supplier that is truly dedicated to quality and health.

Is the pricing in line with the industry?

True Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils cost quite a bit more to grow and distill than the alternative low quality, synthetic, or adulterated oils being marketed as pure.  By simply reviewing a company’s pricing, often you can quickly see what type of quality they are truly offering by their prices.

Quote: “One of the things we quickly look when reviewing a company is their pricing on the more expensive essential oils.  I have reviewed numerous essential oils companies that actually claim to be selling pure high quality essential oils for less than what it actually costs to produce them.  Take Rose oil for example.  There are several different types on the market but I consider Rose oil from Bulgaria to be the most therapeutic.

There is quite a large difference in pricing and quality that can be purchased direct from a distiller before any adulteration happens.  At the low end there is the Rose absolute.  This is really not an essential oil you would want to use for your healing practice because there are more therapeutic alternatives is available.  A lot of companies claiming to sell only the highest quality oils sell this low quality to their customers.

Another thing I find in conflict is a company will claim to sell Organic Rose Absolute.  In my experience, the true organic farmer who spends more time and money growing his crop organically will not want to then it extracted with a solvent.  By extracting the oil with a solvent that would no longer make the product organic and should always be labeled as such.  Any company claiming to sell Organic Rose Absolute is badly misinformed.

There is a large price difference between regularly cultivated and organically grown Rose oil.  There is also another large price difference between the Rose oil that was distilled at the government distillers, which most Rose is, and oil that has been distilled with greater care at a private distiller.  A company that is selling the highest quality Rose oil from Bulgaria will have the plants grown on a private organic farm and distilled at a private distiller where care is taken to insure the highest therapeutic quality.  This oil will naturally be more expensive than a company selling a average lower quality government-issued Rose oil.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “I was contacted with a question about Peppermint essential oil.  This woman said that the (name deleted) company that was supposed to supply only the highest quality and had a video out stating how wonderful their Peppermint was and how the oil was only distilled from the leaves of the plant and nothing else.  She wanted my opinion on the matter.

I was amused because I knew the company and their supplier for their Peppermint oil.  Not only was the company not getting essential oil from only the leaves, but they were also selling expert-supplied high pressure/temperature distilled low quality adulterated Peppermint oil.

I took the time to explain that sometimes when the term leaf is used it really means the whole herb.  I also shared that if a company were employing people to distill only the leaves of the Peppermint crop, it would take a huge labor force to get all the leaves handpicked and distilled before the crop went bad.  Since the labor force would have to be paid, it would naturally increase the price of the essential oil beyond what the average customer would pay.

Since the company’s price did not reflect the increased cost of the labor force, but was more in line with the standard price of whole plant peppermint, there video was just marketing hype to sell more of their Peppermint oil.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

How do the farms grow their plants?

An interesting trend among essential oils companies is to market their products as organic in their conversations and printed material.  When you go look at their websites you find no mention of organic or how their plants are grown.

Quote: “I have found almost all of the companies that market all types of standards, certifications, organic certificates, and the highest therapeutic properties are really just selling standard low quality expert supplied oils.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Because of the organic certification scam and many other games being played at the consumers expense, it is vital to work with a supplier that is concerned about true quality, sustainable healthy farming, and taking care of the soil.  In some countries the organic certifications are such that many organic farms are not allowed to properly take care of their soil and the plant quality over time slowly diminishes.  Look for a supplier that is concerned about true quality that comes from taking care of the soil, the plant, and the environment.

Do they rely too heavily on testing and certification hype?

Testing, certifications, and organic certificates are easily used to try to sell inferior products to the uneducated public.  If a supplier is hyping up their products using those as an example, do not be fooled.  Look at what the company is really doing and see if that lines up with what they say.

Quote: “I received a telephone call from an excited customer.  She had a friend who is an Energy Practitioner and was into using essential oils from a particular company.  This company put out major marketing hype of their unsurpassed testing, highest quality, and certifications of purity.  She said her friend was so confident about her oils being the very best, she did not even want to look at other alternatives.

I was told that after quite a bit of hounding, her friend finally agreed to blindly energy-test a large range of single essential oils.  After many tests her friend found out she always chose the true therapeutic oils not the ones she was used to using.  Her friend said finally said, ‘I’m going to have to give your oils a try.’” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Are they using the best part of the plant from the best part of the world?

In some cases vastly different quality essential oils can be produced from different parts of the plant and from different parts of the world.  A good supplier should understand the difference in quality and provide you the highest quality for the money spent.

Quote: “Cinnamon, Clove, Dill, Juniper, and so forth, are all terms companies try to use to get away with selling low quality essential oils.  These oils should come from specific parts of the plant and not the whole plant material.  Cinnamon should come from the bark, Clove from the buds, Dill from the seeds, and Juniper from the berries.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “Cinnamon Bark is significantly more therapeutic than what suppliers sell as just plain Cinnamon or Cinnamon Leaf.  Extracting the oil from different parts of the plant will produce a different quality oil.  Also, many times what companies sell as pure Cinnamon oil is mostly or completely a synthetic oil that was manufactured as a flavor additive.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “Rose oil from India is less than one-tenth the price of Rose from Bulgaria.  They also happen to be completely different plants and have their own unique smell and properties.  If you have never experienced Rose oil before, and you purchased a high- priced Rose oil without knowing the country of origin, the company may be selling you low quality oil for a enormous markup.  Also if you purchase Rose oil that smells rosy, you are purchasing all or part synthetic oil.  Real high quality Rose oil has a more wonderful honey- scented flowery fragrance.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “If you just purchased an oil that was labeled Eucalyptus, you really do not know what oil you are dealing with.  If someone drank an outrageous and unrealistic amount of two ounces of Eucalyptus globulus or Eucalyptus radiata essential oils, it could make them deathly ill.  On the other hand, drinking two ounces of Eucalyptus citriodora will not have the same effect.  Understanding the oils you are purchasing is extremely important.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Your supplier should provide you with the common name, botanical name, country of origin, and how the plant is grown.  If a supplier is selling any oil that has been altered, like Bergamot, they should tell you that information as well.  (Most often Bergamot is sold that has had the phototoxic chemicals eliminated.)  Many suppliers will not provide you the proper information you need to be assured you are making smart purchasing decisions.

Quote: “I was reviewing a new start up essential oils company that was touting it had the best essential oils.  After visiting their website I found it to be a quite nice but with a lot of marketing hype. I also found the oils that they had listed were missing some very basic information.

Wanting to know more about their company, I called the customer service division.  After being on hold for over forty minutes, I finally spoke with a representative.  The representative really had no knowledge about essential oils and when I asked her about the country their Frankincense came from her response was, ‘That’s proprietary information.’

I quickly educated her as to why knowing the country of origin was important for Healers and also in determining quality of their oils.  She assured me that all their oils were the absolute best and highest quality.  Since the pricing on their website was in line with what high quality oils sell for, I purchased a bottle of their Frankincense for testing.

When the oil arrived, I was disappointed.  Their oil was low quality inexpensive Indian Frankincense that they made me pay two to three times the average price for.  Despite all of the assurances from the company representative, the oil I received was not the higher quality oil that I was told and thought I was purchasing.  To make matters worse, they would not even give me a refund because I opened the bottle.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

The more you learn about the natural health industry and true quality products, you will begin to catch companies and experts in the games they play.

Quote: “Quite a few companies are now selling Amyris essential oil.  What I find interesting is when the country of origin is listed, nearly every company is labeling their oil from Haiti. Even when we question them about this oil, they are so distant from the actual farmer or distiller they do not understand how they are labeling their oil incorrectly.

Almost every single drop of true Amyris oil comes from wood that was grown on farms in the Dominican Republic.  Hardly any oil is obtained from any other country and wild- crafting is no longer being practiced due to the various restrictions.  I personally would be quite surprised to see a wild-crafted oil from some country other than the Dominican Republic on the retail market.  We would personally have to talk to the harvesters to be sure the information was truly correct.

Companies that insist their Amyris oil is from Haiti do not understand that unethical smugglers bring the wood into Haiti for distillation in order to make more money and avoid governmental restrictions and taxation.  A company should always list where the plant matter is from, not where the distillation process is happening.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Another important point to look out for is correct labeling of the essential oil blends. Many suppliers do not list the ingredients of their essential oils in the order of most abundant to least.  Some will not even label when a carrier oil is add to the formula.  Because of the wide array of essential oils used in the blends, many companies take that as on opportunity to extend their profit margins by adulterating.

Quote: “When reviewing a company’s essential oils, I often run into them not listing the essential oils in their blends or not listing them in the correct order.  When I call them for more information about why, I normally get a response like, ‘We list them randomly and don’t list all the ingredients because we don’t want people to copy them.’ What we have normally found when the test results are in is they are really trying to cover up other synthetic additives.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “I have experienced ongoing adulteration with the top essential oil companies. Many will ‘enhance’ their formulas by adding synthetic or naturally derived scent enhancers but others try to get away with almost 100% synthetic.  One such experience was so shocking that it was the keystone that started me on the path of truly understanding how the experts were running their businesses.

While I was working for a world’s top supplier for therapeutic essential oils, I happened to be in the receiving area when several pallets arrived.  On the boxes there was the name of a perfume company. With my curiosity peaked, I opened one box and saw four one-gallon plastic bottles.  Removing one bottle, I read the label, ‘Synthetic Rose Fragrance’.  I took a sniff and recognized it immediately as being one of the smells of their top selling blend formulations.

Being the safety officer for that company, I put the bottle back and walked over to the chemistry lab and asked the technician, ‘So what do you do with the synthetic rose fragrance?’

He answered, ‘Oh, that’s our (name deleted) blend.’

I stated, ‘I thought you used essential oils in your (name deleted) blend.’

‘We do,’ he replied, ‘but it’s only a couple drops per gallon. Really that’s our (name deleted) blend.'” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

When you are reviewing a supplier, look at their information.  You will probably find things that make you question what is really going on, like where do they purchase their essential oils or how is a specific oil extracted.  Contact the company and see if you can get answers your questions.  Really any company that is dedicated to quality will also be dedicated to assisting you in learning more.  If the company cannot or will not answer your questions, do not purchase from them.  With the world’s experts selling massive amounts of poor quality and adulterated oils as therapeutic quality, one should be sure the quality they are paying for is the quality they are receiving.

Is your oil truly therapeutic?

Being confident in your Therapeutic Oils purchases all stems from associating with companies that are dedicated to quality, health, and the welfare of the planet.  Many times companies will market they are selling the highest quality oils when in actuality they are selling something else.

Quote: “A doctor friend of mine was vacationing and needed some Helichrysum italicum oil.  He went to the local health food store and purchased a bottle labeled ‘Pure Essential Oil’ that a salesperson told him was the Helichrysum italicum variety and of really high quality.  My doctor friend was excited because the oil was half his normal cost.

When he returned home he shared with me about how upset he was because the oil he purchased ‘did not do any good at all’.  He wanted to know why one Helichrysum would work great and the other would not work at all.

I told him there is estimated to be six hundred different species of Helichrysum plants. Because of the much higher price for the Helichrysum italicum grown in the proper soil conditions, many companies will try to blatantly label poor quality or different species of Helichrysum as the therapeutic italicum.

Also some companies will try to sell you Helichrysum angustifolium and say it is interchangeable with the Helichrysum italicum variety when in fact they are not.  Most all Helichrysum angustifolium sold is really Helichrysum gymnocephalum.  The angustifolium is a generic made-up name the experts try to say it is good as the italicum species when in reality it is not.  This lower price oil is not the same.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “Back in 1998 when I quit the essential oils company I had been working for, I was active in sharing with a lot of people the reasons why I quit.  This led to the company’s CEO, who happened to live in the same neighborhood and attend the same church as I, coming over to my house to talk with me.

Basically, he said the company was going to sue me if I did not stop telling people that they were selling poor quality and adulterated oils.  I said, ‘But you do.’

He asked for an example so I gave him one, ‘Just look at your Ylang Ylang.’

To that he responded, ‘Well, we can’t get the good stuff!’

I quietly chuckled and said, ‘It’s not about you getting the good stuff or not.  It’s all about you telling people you are selling the highest therapeutic oils and then you sell them the low quality Ylang Ylang for the high quality price.’ – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “There are about forty different species of Lavender.  Each of these has different chemical constitutes and medicinal characteristics.  On the open market, their quality and price can vary greatly.  There is a considerable difference in prices of Lavendula angustifolia and a Lavender hybrid.  It is important to know what oil you are purchasing.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “If a company is purchasing Birch or Wintergreen from an expert and not from a distiller direct, you can almost be assured it is synthetic.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Receiving a bad batch of essential oil?

No matter how many checks and balances a company has, because of mistakes or the unscrupulous behaviors of some a company will eventually receive a bad batch of oil.  This might range from a wrongly distilled oil to one that is completely synthetic.  What is really important is how a company will deal with these bad oils.

Quote: “If you want to know more about a company, call them up and ask how they deal with bad oil.  Some companies will say they never receive bad oil because their ‘expert’ checks the oils before they receiving them.  In all cases I have found those same companies are regularly selling poor or adulterated oils because that is the type of oils their expert supplies.  A company should always only purchase from suppliers that have established competency.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

At I Am Essential Oils we work with our farmers and get them to understand we want long term relationships that are to both our mutual benefits.  We make it clear to them that if we encounter them purposely adulterating an essential oil or herb we will stop doing business with them.  We also make it clear that we understand mistakes can happen, like an accidental mixture of two different species of plants during a distillation.  But we expect honest answers when questions arise.  I Am Essential Oils expects honest and open communication by all parties about farming, distillation, and any other aspect of our relationship with our farmers.  I Am Essential Oils is in the business of supplying our customers with true therapeutic herbs and oils.

Quote: “I received some Sage oil and when the testing came back it showed .01% Carvacrol.  Since we know that Sage does not naturally produce Carvacrol we contacted the village to find out the distilling process used for that oil.  Because they were honest and up-front with me, I still hold them as a very valuable source for producing high quality essential oils.

What occurred was after they were finished distilling the Oregano, they tried to save some time by distilling the Sage without properly cleaning the distiller.  Even though they were instructed to thoroughly clean and perform a distilling run with an empty distiller, they were afraid of losing valuable Sage oil because of the extra time that would take.  Because there was Oregano residue left in the distiller, an entire batch of Sage oil was tainted and could no longer be sold as a Therapeutic Essential Oil.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

When looking at a company’s website, learn about their procedure for dealing with bad herbs or essential oils.  If they do not have this listed on their website, call them up.  Two points to consider are:

  • Because of the high cost of shipping overseas, a company would not under normal circumstances ship bad oils back to the distiller or farm.  If a company insists they always ship a bad batch of oil back, they are probably misinformed or dealing with an “expert” middleman and their standard oils.
  • Some companies may claim that they destroy a bad batch of oil.  This is just marketing hype and really not what they are doing.  Why would someone destroy something that can be sold to soap or candle makers?  Many different business purchase adulterated and synthetic fragrances, so sell the bad oil would assist in recovering some of the expenses.  Most companies that say they are destroying the oils are really selling them to their customers.

To gather in the needed supplies, a true therapeutic supplier will be working directly with many small farms around the world.  Often this involvement will require I Am Essential Oils to make advanced commitments in purchasing the herbs that are grown.  The quality of the herbs will slightly to significantly change due to weather.  Even though a farm takes care of their plants and soil, because of weather extremes sometimes an herb or essential oil does not meet the therapeutic requirements we are looking for.  Having alternative companies that are willing to purchase these products is important in assisting in keeping the small farms running.

Quote: “I got a batch of Cinnamon Bark from our village in Madagascar that had a very unusual smell. The therapeutic properties were fine but this oil was non-conforming to our standards to sell as a truly therapeutic oil. I sold a bit of this oil to a soap manufacturer that was willing to try the new cinnamon. That manufacturer absolutely loved the fragrance of the soap and said it was the best cinnamon soap they had ever made. They were excited about always using this Cinnamon for their soap from then on.

I had to inform them that once the batch was gone they would probably never experience that unique smell again. The weather conditions were such as to significantly alter the chemistry and produce this very unique essential oil.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

When a person is using the oils and herbs for their therapeutic benefits, it is important for them to truly understand what is happening in the natural care industry.  Not only is adulteration rampant but Big Pharma also has their agenda to control the industry as well. I Am Essential Oils strives to educate people about truth in the industry so they can make wise purchasing decisions.  Once you follow your inner knowing and become aware of what is happening, we truly believe your love for natural healing and the Creator’s gifts will continue to grow.

Rise of the Medical Coercion

Over the last decade, the United States government has increased their interference with our personal health freedoms.  There have been many laws secretly passed regulating how citizens can use and talk about the healing, properties of plants, and the therapeutic benefits of alternative health care devices.  The laws have gotten so bad that your grandmother technically is committing a felony, practicing medicine without a license, every time she suggests that her chicken soup will make you feel better.

 If you have been watching carefully you will also have noticed the  government  has been steadily moving forward their agenda of forced    vaccines.   With a  century worth of scientific research showing that        vaccination has become the  problem and is no longer a solution, why would they continue to push such an unhealthy practice?  It’s quite simple, follow the money.

Early in the 20th Century, natural practitioners were twice as large as those practicing allopathic medicine.  Between the years 1910 to 1925, the laws were dramatically changed through the influence of the financially elite and the American Medical Association. Because of these new laws all but twenty five percent of the existing medical schools were shut down.  With this single attack, the financially elite took over medicine in the United States.

Back in 1983 the World Health Organization (WHO) set forth their program to vaccinate the world’s children.  One year later the UN passed laws that basically replaced any rights and authority of the parents over their child’s health care and gave that authority to the WHO.

In 1997 the financially elite further extended their control through WHO in their the Declaration of Alma Alta.  WHO, through the United Nations, imposes it’s control of the world’s health policies and forces all governments to comply.  They now imposed the “scientific” medicine as the ONLY valid system of medicine.  Since the manipulation of scientific evidence is geared towards the ones funding the research, literally the financially elite control the system of medicine as they desire.  Again following the money trail shows that all this is done for financial reasons not the welfare of people.

The control of our individual and family’s health freedoms has basically vanished except for some protections found in religious worship.  The financially elite influence the politicians that in turn make laws that further strengthen the elites control over the system.  Vaccinating the masses, is a major agenda for the ruling elite because huge profits are reaped for Big Pharma and profit generating side effects.

Example: Every few years you will hear of a new pending epidemic.  Remember the Swine Flu epidemic, then the Bird Flu epidemic, and now the Zika epidemic. Remember all the all the little scares in between like “flu season will be particularly hard this year so get your vaccination now.”  Why does this happen?  Simple math.

When you hear the media spewing out the latest health concern, remember that Big Pharma immediately generates revenue with their upwards of 100 times profit margin for one single vaccine.  A vaccine can generate tens of billions of dollars in profit.  The swine flu vaccine alone generated Big Pharma over 100 billion dollars in profits in a short period of time.

The huge immediate profits for a vaccine is not even close to being the most lucrative reason for Big Pharma’s vaccination agenda.  Nearly all of the vaccines created also include toxic substances like mercury (cleverly hidden under the name thimerosal). Vaccines, through billions of dollars in scientific research, have been proven to “confuse” the body’s immune system and cause the immune response to focus only on the specific vaccine antigen.  These vaccination issues create major long term harmful effects on the body’s overall health.

Fact: Did you know that the vaccine makers and federal officials are exempted from lawsuits involving their vaccines?  Why, you may ask.  The simple answer is, they willing know the harmful effects that their vaccinations cause and they do not want to be held liable for their deception.  Now they get all the profit and none of the responsibility.

The long term harmful effects of vaccination secondarily allows Big Pharma to continue to supply more of their other products all throughout your life.  To those who have not yet looked into these non transparent issues, products may be seen as beneficial, but in reality it further reduces your body’s ability to maintain optimal health.  The medical coercion feeds off of the people causing the inspecting public to be continually dependent on the system.  The coercion has shown time and time again that profit is more important than people.

Now Big Pharma is moving into the natural health industry.  Over the last few years they have been purchasing large natural health companies and lobbying for new laws.  They are slowly positioning themselves to control this market as well.

It is only in taking back your personal health freedoms that your optimal health can be achieved.  The body has the ability to heal itself given the proper building blocks and stimulation.  Immune modulation, and the stem cell activation this ensues, products like Defense Liquid is a major key to optimal health.  It solves the problems of epidemics, vaccinations, and is exponentially more effective than whatever solutions Big Pharma can provide.  I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing the highest quality therapeutic essential oils and herbal supplements to assist your goal of optimal health.