Here are a Few Causes We Fundraise For…

Here are a Few Causes We Fundraise For…

Trinity Media Ministries

Trinity Media Ministries is a chapter of the New Haven Native American Church with the sole focus of:

Creating and promoting media (music/video/books) that bring awareness to natural medicines and the body’s ability to heal itself when given the correct environment. Even though they were formed through a “church” they do not indulge in religious programming as they believe that there is truth in all things.

All media Trinity Media creates is tuned to Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies have been reported to assist with clearing brain fog and nervous energy as well as promoting DNA repair.

 What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

The Solfeggio Frequencies are a series of 6 electromagnetic musical tones that the Gregorian Monks were said to use when they chanted in meditation. Rediscovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo, the Solfeggio Frequencies are said to deeply penetrate the conscious and subconscious mind, stimulating inner healing. Dr. Puleo was intuitively led to rediscover these healing frequencies in the Book of Numbers (a book in the Hebrew Bible), using a numerological technique to decipher the six repeating codes he found. The result was the rediscovery of the Solfeggio Frequencies.

Physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla once said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe.” Interestingly, these three numbers form the root vibration of the six Solfeggio Frequencies.

These are the Solfeggio Frequencies:

  • UT – 396 Hz – transforming grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness
  • RE – 417 Hz – clears negativity and removes subconscious blockages
  • MI – 528 Hz – stimulates love, restores equilibrium, repairs DNA
  • FA – 639 Hz – strengthens relationships, family, and community unity
  • SOL – 741 Hz – physically cleanses the body from all types of toxins
  • LA – 852 Hz – awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance
(thanks to Wake Up World. You can read the full article here.)

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